November 18th, 2002

abstract butterfly

Loose ends

Today I have this "tie loose ends" feeling. I want to get a great deal of stuff done, so that by year end, I do not feel so busy. In addition, I want to return to those sensible eating days, when I ate less richly but enjoyed my food more. I also want to exercise four days a week at a minimum, rather than the current two. I want to be a more organized person, because lack of organization has become such a hurdle for me. Maybe I even want to do holiday shopping this year before December 20, and to send out Christmas cards in a sensible way at a sensible time. My inner voice today sounds like a self-help book, but it would not hurt me to read a page or two.
abstract butterfly


Bodies in motion, bodies at rest, co-efficients of friction, mass/energy, the constant chaos of thermodynamics. But all the science rules don't explain the day to day, or the life within us.
We keep hunting formulae, but all we experience is a kind of longing, and, if we find it, perhaps a moment of peace. I am a huge fan of simple solutions and simple formulae. But I believe that sometimes one has to recognize that it isn't always easy, but the game is still worth keeping the candle burning.