November 13th, 2002

abstract butterfly

There are never any people sleeping in my dreams.

This morning I came in early and drafted an important agreement, negotiated my latest heated negotiation, finalized a motion, and then spent most of my afternoon in court.

Still, somehow I found time to look up the lyrics to Uriah Heep's song "Magician's Birthday", which is an odd way to kill time, because I merely confirmed that I knew the lyrics by heart. I still love that line about how everyone needs to listen to the orchid orchestra play. Uriah Heep was one of the great "good bad" metal bands, whether it was "Sweet Lorraine" who is implored to let the party carry on, or the fellow who bemoaned the "Sunrise" (over an incredibly cheesy organ and bad over-dubbed choral voices) because in that given sunrise, nobody was there to see him cry. It's funny--I always count solitude as being beneficient in that nobody is there to see me cry.

I am still working to conquer my massive list of things to do, but I am starting to feel that "can do" feeling. I had a momentary impulse to go write a second novella by 11/30, but I decided to get my work done instead.

Meanwhile, my wife is assiduously working on vacation planning. This is welcome news indeed!
I need a break.