November 3rd, 2002

abstract butterfly

I can't believe I ate (wrote) half of the whole thing

I've now finished half of my novel, some 25,000some odd words in 3 days. I had a stray thought that the novel isn't going anywhere, but then I banished the thought and kept on writing it anyway. The folks on the nanowrimo Dallas forum have been fun to read and keep up with, by and large. I'm not trying to "win any races" by drafting so quickly--I just know that I want to avoid procrastination and let flow happen while flow is there to be, well, flowed.

We hiked the Spring Creek Trail today,and the Fall leaves made me so happy. It was a cloudy, cool but not cold, mildly rainy day. A friendly Chihuahua dog greeted us at one part of the trail.

I did a fun mail art project today--nothing amazing, but I did stretch an artistic muscle or two (dear ray johnson: send epsom salts). Tomorrow is work, more work, and then more work again. I am up for it. Tomorrow night it's back to the novel. I wondered how I would handle the problem of dialogue. Short answer--use the same narrative voice as this journal uses. Wordy, but wordy is not all bad, when you're trying to get 50,000 in one month.

Now I must rest, though. I think I earned it.