October 28th, 2002

abstract butterfly

The 14 foot elusive bird

One of my favorite "rumour converted into news" stories this month has been the reports of sightings of a huge bird flying over southwestern Alaska which looks like a small plane. Alaskans interviewed for the piece who had seen the bird reported that their immediate reaction was "get the kids inside!". Apparently, there is a Stellar's Eagle native to that region which can have an 8 foot wingspan, but Cessna-esque birds strain the belief systems of the scientists. I'm amused that I have a position on this, but I hope that there is some new species of monstrously sized bird, hovering in the Alaskan clouds, never to be captured, always to be hovering, watchful of everything below. Did I mention my theory that there is intelligent life at the bottom of the sea?

I'll bet most of us have some 14-foot wingspan bird hovering in the back of our consciousness someplace. By this I mean we all have a huge, elusive incredible sighting we'd like to make in our own life. In particular, one's Alaskan bird is something really cool one would like to see, but which is neither a necessity nor a material goal--just a quirky little thing flying on the horizon, illuminated by the sunset. In my life, for instance, writing a book which I self-publish and then get people to buy a hundred or two copies (my chess booklet having peaked out around 70 or so) is a huge, elusive Alaskan bird of my inner psyche. I don't know if I'll ever confirm it happened, but I spot it, floating in mid-air, once in a while, tantalizing me to discover it.

What is your 14-foot elusive bird?
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