October 16th, 2002

abstract butterfly

There's a song in my heart, and I want it to end

Did you ever have a song entrap you? During the summer between my high school graduation and my entry into college, my mind was held prisoner by a song. I wish I could report that it was something fitting and cool. But, as is often the way with venomous voodoo entrapment songs, it was a song I despised. It was the ditty about how "the angel in your arms this morning/is gonna be the devil in someone else's arms tonight", with its odd lyrical story of the wronged woman who realized that revenge is its own sweet nectar.

I spent the summer between high school and college taking a couple of courses at South Arkansas University, in Magnolia, roughly thirty miles from where my parents lived. I'd drive the commute each day, tormented inside with the sound of this song. I am not much good at psycho-analytic theory of Motown cast-offs. I just know I had to listen to that song inside my head for weeks. Fortunately, the malady passed, and has not recurred, if we omit the "Torn Between Two Lovers" episode.

What songs have imprisoned you?