September 14th, 2002

abstract butterfly

Walking through a jungle of brick

I got roughly half my work done today, which somehow fits with roughly half the weekend having expired. Perhaps instead of writing rambling pointless posts about work, I should have finished the project and spent tomorrow resting.

I stopped at the 75 percent off bookstore, which seems to be my main book resource lately, and in particular the sections that cost 99 cents or 3.99. So many worthy books in the remainder stores. Books that people slaved over, books that people worried about. Now they're on sale, with little black marks on the end,becuase nobody really cared. Who, really, could resist the Australia tour book with the cartoon of a huge, lifelike koala holding a mai tai on the cover? Well, I suppose even I could, because it was only 99 cents, and I still didn't buy. For some reason, I did buy not one but three "what's wrong with modern art? It's not weird enough" themed books, so I guess I must have a secret desire to be impressed by people who use bigger words than I do.

We went for a long, long walk. First, we went by the park. Suddenly, the scissortail flycatchers, with their 9 inch scissory tails and their bug catching ways, are back! They mysteriously absented during July and August, but now they're everywhere. Then we went into Twin Creeks, the affluent community next door with the fancy brick custom homes and the fancy crape myrtle gardens. If I ever got rich, I'd stay in our current home. But I would buy 40 acres near rural Blue Ridge Texas and set up the Collin County Botanical Garden. Down with conspicuous consumption. Up with conspicuous flower consumption! My political agenda would be simple: native plants, liberal cactus and colorful pansies! Nandina or fight!
I never met a marigold I didn't like. Undocumented immigrants welcome. I'd love to be a horticulturalist, and own my own garden.
Ah, well, now I've got to figure out if I'm more a Thai restaurant or an Italian restaurant kind of guy, which is as close to exotic decision making as I come these days.