September 3rd, 2002

abstract butterfly

Curious cats

When I was a teen, my family had a cat which, being truly creative and imaginative people, we named "Kitty Kitty". Kitty Kitty was a feisty, friendly, fun little cat. She played and preened and purred and performed acts of telepathy, as all cats do.

Whenever one flashed a flashlight beam on the ground, Kitty Kitty would attack that flashlight as if it were prey. One could make the light go in circles, which would give Kitty Kitty the notion that the prey was eluding her. Her paws would fly across the tile floor, trying to trap that flashlight beam.

So many things about this journal process are like my cat's reaction to that beam. My post is like a paw, reaching out for that moving light. But the paw hits the tile, because the light I'm trying to journal is elusive, and not reducible to words. When I read another journal, the light is even more diffuse, because I am not even sure who is holding the flashlight.

I noticed that Kitty Kitty never got frustrated that she did not capture the light. She just pawed and thrust and clawed and jumped on for minutes at a time. She was never a captor of the light, but it never quite defeated her, either.
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