September 1st, 2002

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on living today as if it were today

We're an instant from the onset of the holidays. Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, Samhain, Yule, Days of the Dead, Christmas, Solstice, Diwala, Chanukah, Harvest. We're celebrating Labor Day now. Sadly, I see some media, churches and stores even thinking about 9/11 memorials. I am a big believer in holidays and memorials. But it is just me, or is there anyone else who wishes we could all live as if today were just today? I'd love to be thankful every day. I'd love to have a generous spirit without the need for glitter or lights. I want to experience and share my memories and memorials as an inner ritual, without the need for outer show. I want to give gifts without boundaries, ask blessings without candlelight vigils. I want to pause each day to remember those less fortunate than I am. I want to feel four seasons every day. I will make my cathedral internal, and go there even when the candles are not lit.

I toured the Swiss government buildings once. The tour guide said "We have no gold or silver in our country, so we made our building from granite, onyx and wood. We have those in abundance". I love ritual and pageantry and nostalgia and tradition. But today I wish to live my life as if each day were every holiday, and no generous feeling, quiet moment or human kindness need be saved for a special time to share.
abstract butterfly

reading double on a single dollar

I found my morning worship today in the AMC movie "Godspell". I'd seen the play, and know the music by heart, but never saw this sweet, small film. Recently burninggirl mentioned her love for this musical. I was pleased that I know the words I haven't sung since college; it's like riding a bicycle. Rock purists and religion purists slam this little ditty of a play, but this is a quintessentially sweet musical; parables and pop tunes. Can it get better?

Then I got dressed in my marstokyo Theater of the Surrealists t shirt and khakis and headed into Dallas. My new friends Sam and Sonya opened a new Genghis Grill Mongolian restaurant on Preston Road at Forest. I love Mongolian barbeque. However, if I have an ounce of machismo in me, it is that ounce which insists that I put hot seasoned oils, cayenne peppers and special salts on my second bowl of the stuff. I nearly blasted myself to Tuesday. But boy, it was good. I must get on ebay and figure out how to find a Mongolian dollar to frame and give them. If any of my friends know the name of the Mongolian currency, then I'll even save a google search. :)

I then hit the MJ Designs, which is the silly name they now call Michael's Art Supply Store when they have filled the lobby with lots of those plastic plants like at Hobby Lobby. I got various and sundry useful hobby things. I couldn't find the hobby glue for putting stuff into scrapbooks, until I was waiting for checkout. I should have guessed. Glues and pastes of every kind were in the "impulse purchase" areas on the way to the register. I am now a devotee of glue tape.

Then I went to Half Price books and to the 75 percent off remaindered book store. I got an incredible number of really cool books for essentially nothing. I love it when I have stacks and scads, but the bill is well under 20 dollars. What finds! My favorite two are two of the latter Mary Poppins volumes, though I also like the elementary school book on how to make books, with traceable cut outs. I'll read most of this treasure trove of books soon, and the bookcrossing it away. A low price tag plus rapid giveaway should help assuage my materialistic guilt. The guilty pleasure? A sci fi novel by Peter Jurasik and a co author. I must admit that I am a Babylon 5 fan, and Peter Jurasik played the coolest wiggy long haired alien in a balkan uniform on sci fi history. I love intricate scifiverses. I don't think that Buffy would be quite the same, but for B5.

I went hiking at the Trinity Trail. The "fall" flowers are coming out, new thistles, that odd cowslippy thing whose name escapes me, and a few insects. The sun hovered in the low sky, a big orange ball. Hedge apples were on the ground like bocce balls. A huge white heron stood regally in the lake. It cooled and darkened while I was there. I snapped photo after photo. then hurried home, mowed my yard in the near dark, and settled in for the night. It's September. I cannot believe it.
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