August 9th, 2002

abstract butterfly

The pleasant effect of a road trip

As I set up off to visit with a client in rural Texas, and then follow the open road on up to my native Arkansas, I'm starting to feel that well-being one feels when a sunny but not too hot day, open fields, light traffic, deep woods, and quiet thoughts are ahead. The outlook on all fronts is much brighter today than yesterday. I am eager to get to familiar places among familiar people and talk the familiar talk.
I will keep my eyes peeled during the "rural highway" part of the trip for kid goats, grazing cow, horse, and sheep, odd slogans posted on church bulletin boards, and, improbably, the odd exotic animals that seem to sprout up in rural areas nowadays, whether emu or Asiatic goat or what have you.
I call many places home, but perhaps I am most at home on a rural road, with family ahead.