August 5th, 2002

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One more domestic tragedy

Yesterday our news was alive with the latest Dallas "family member goes on a shooting rampage" story. Yet another angry man killing relatives, including children. In our part of the world, the crime of passion still is the most ubiquitous crime. Usually, it's committed by a man, although once in a while it's committed by a woman. When it's not a crime of passion, it seems to be a crime of simple abuse. We've had the fellow who killed his children while his ex was on the telephone, so she could listen. We've had the couple who kept their 8 year old in a closet. We've had every permutation of relationships gone wrong and all deadly. Our domestic abuse shelters fill, particularly as harder economic times set in. Meanwhile, the platitudes about solutions from every quarter, left to right, stream in. Some posit that a return to a fundamentalist God will fix everything, but religiosity does not seem to be a defining difference among the perpetrators. Some claim that a turn away from traditional relationships and beliefs will do the trick, but non-traditional relationships are also anything but immune. I get so frustrated when I think of life cut short by folks in fits of rage. I also get frustrated when we don't put a higher premium on life, and a higher priority on preventing this. I have no magic solutions to suggest, but I wish we could all figure out something to do to minimize this problem.