August 1st, 2002

abstract butterfly

Change in the air

I don't know any one reason why, but I feel, like the feeling of a storm breeze in the air, the sense that external things around us will change very quickly very soon. Perhaps it is the aggregation of unrest overseas and economic dislocation here in the US. Perhaps it's the way in which politicians suddenly seem not the usual three, but a full seven yards, behind the times. Perhaps it's the "wars and rumours of wars" feeling in the air, and the sense that we cannot quite put our fingers on or get our arms around anything. It's always tempting to credit the September 11 tragedy for change, but I frankly think this feeling is broader, and would have arisen in any event. This feels like I imagine 1912 must have felt, or 1937, or 1858. We smell the rain from coming storms, but we don't quite know where it will fall, or how. We only know to batten down the hatches.