July 28th, 2002

abstract butterfly

9 miners

This morning they pulled the 9 miners who were trapped in a mine safely from the mine, after an arduous and setback-filled effort to rescue them. In a time when the news continually reports on missing children--later found dead--and unceasing acts of violence in war-torn areas perpetrated against non-combatants, it's such a relief when something good like this happens. I know that every day someone takes a wise turn on the freeway and avoids an accident, or says a kind word, and defuses a situation, or saves a life in a hospital emergency room. But there's something about something like this "turning out right", when the "form book" usually punctuates the story with a tragic ending, that puts me in touch with a hopeful part of me that is the place I want to live, but right now merely visit for respite sometimes.

I am thankful today for rescued miners.

fifty words on twenty five cent cards

We hit the Trinity Trail this morning. The "real" heat set in last week, but some cooling breezes made it quite pleasant nonetheless. Grasshoppers flew in our path as if they were escorts. Some had orange wings, some yellow wings, and some wings were a non-descript green. We saw the requisite giant great blue heron on the lake, which symbolizes to me some oneness with nature. We then adjourned to a Chili's where I ordered a hamburger and fries, two things I rarely eat anymore at restaurants. The hike in the heat had its intended effect, and we relaxed all afternoon.

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