July 26th, 2002

abstract butterfly

Friday in my soul

I have so many things to do today, and I mean to do them all. Last night I came home to a package from nervousness.org exchanger Halcion. When I ran my ad offering my book of bad chess poems in return for something "absurdly fun", she rose to the offer, and sent me a yarn ball with little fabricated legs, eyes and a mouth--sort of an energized tribble, with limbs and panache. I think nervousness exchanges work best when one puts the fewest constraints on the exchanger. It's too bad the nervousness site is down this morning.
Someone sent me a question on that site asking if I would want to exchange anything else for one of my poems. I wrote an appropriately responsive and open post, but I might as well have just written back "will write for kind wishes".

I want to get both work and hobby things done this weekend. I want to hike in open fields. I want to sleep untroubled slumbers. I want to finish off every book I have in my possession now. I want it all, and I am resolved not to be disappointed if I fail to achieve any of it.
abstract butterfly

I admire a little reality sometimes.....

Someone posted the story about the radio interviewer who
asked the wonderful, but thin-selling, electronic artist
Harold Budd what kind of music he made.

His answer was simple: "the kind of music people don't like!". I like nothing better than a little self-effacement with my avant-gardish musings!
abstract butterfly

CiCi's Pizza Blues

If CiCi's Pizza did not exist in real life, I'd probably be a great novelist, because I'd have to invent it. I am finishing up the only mildly extended lunch break I allotted myself today. I have this extra time to post due to a wise luncheon choice(not that I would spare myself a post for want of extra time, being able to extend my work day at leisure to "make up" for LJ posts). I am filled with cheap pizza, and it's time to talk about all-you-can-eat pizza buffets.

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