July 16th, 2002

dark flower

Rainy July Days and other kindnesses

Another storm rolling through today, giving the way back to the office from my court hearing a certain gray/purple majesty. This is the nicest Texas July I've ever experienced--some days it could be southern California in late February, except we never got these gorgeous thunderstorms when we were in California. The median strip was filled with yellow Texas sunflowers on the President George Bush tollway today, while crape myrtle remain in vivid bloom everywhere.

A world of postcardx and nervousness things were in my mail last night, including a particularly fun decorated envelope and poem from "susie". I also received my half.com book on how I can "draw" on some side or the other of my brain and learn to "draw" pictures on pieces of paper. Meanwhile, the insomnia bursts that seem to have become a norm for me for the last few months--something new for me--seem to be coming under control. I awoke for a few moments last night, read a bit of more of the novel Rebecca, and went promptly back to sleep.

I made a dental appointment, which I had been putting off making for no very good reason, and now I must make an appointment for a medical check up. I just have that feeling that it is time to get my life on schedule, even though the trains, when running on time, may not be going to any special destination. Work is getting busy now, which somehow helps rather than stressing me out.

If I could bottle my productive moments, and then use them as some sort of smelling salts for the down times, then who knows?
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