July 8th, 2002

red cactus

Spun Gold--My Brief and Now Ended Life as a Cars Collector

I no longer do as many ebay sales as I once did. When I do them now, it is usually to either sell my little booklet (which, sadly, only moves about half the time now, and thus has been placed on hiatus until September, when Xmas shoppers are more likely to impulse buy) and extra books I've let accumulate around the house and need to clear out. On Thursday, though, I'd convinced myself that I had a "real ebay idea". I was in the local Good Will, which I was glad was open for the holiday. I saw not one but two
rather nice copies of the 45 single by the Cars "Let's Go", coupled with "My Best Friend's Girl". Some inner voice called out to me "Ebay! Ebay!". I paid the one dollar and twenty five cents to the thrift store for these bits of spun gold, and headed home. I wrote neat little ad copy about how I was putting both of them in one auction, in hope that the buyer would get one good one, or perhaps a good one and a saleable one. One of my own personal affectations is that I can write copy to sell anything to anybody. Then I posted the ad. In a classic of failed sales technique, I then began to research the "ebay market" for Cars singles. Soon I discovered that in the ebay heading for new wave and punk records, virtually none of the vinyl sells, and that original issues (as opposed to the "greatest hits-ish" Spun Gold reissues) were going unclaimed. My auction was to end yesterday, and I was comforted a bit when an industry guide said my 45s were worth a few dollars each. Sure enough, though, I got exactly zero bidders. I will repost them in December if need be, and sell them off on ebay after all. If I had real gumption, I'd make one of those cool 45 frames, like "real artists" do, and make a collectible. But as I've mentioned before, as an artist, I am a very good newspaper reader.

If anyone out there in LJ land is a dyed in the wool Cars fan, though (frankly, I never really was), and would like to have the impressive Spun Gold 45 of two of their most enduring hits sent to them, please feel free to drop me a comment. Exchanges are permissible but never required. What would one ask in exchange anyway, a .wav file of the exchanger singing the refrain?
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The unlived life is not worth examining

I was always attracted to a portion of Michael McClure's "Meat Science" essays that was excerpted in Paris Review some years ago. I don't believe I have it anymore, but this particular portion of poetry fragment was about a series of life-half-lived things, followed by the phrase "is suicide". I am always intrigued by the fact that each breath is another notation of the passage of time, and hence a tiny suicide (in this life, anyway, no matter what one's views of an afterlife may be). The advent of enhanced "geek interface" brought to us via the internet, such as the connectivity of LiveJournal, shows me this is a much-examined theme. I, too, think a great deal about the problem of the meaningful and examined life, and in particular living life while examining it.

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