June 25th, 2002

abstract butterfly

on connectivity

This morning I random surfed for a few moments after waking up far too early. Other recent mornings, I seem to pull up journals written in cyrillic scripts I can't decipher, as if the entirety of LiveJournal has moved to one of the former Soviet republics. Today, though, was a domestic consumption day. I read journals with high art and great photography, journals with casual jokes about shooting sprees, and one journal that someone said was a 9/11 victim's last entry.

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abstract butterfly

ways of escape

asphalteden sent me a nice bit of reading material, entirely appropriate to the moment and yet unexpected. I am grateful. This will give me something to read on my upcoming brief business trip--a moment of escape from figures and business matters.

We finished the Shipping News video last night. This movie, combined with the novel The Colony of Dreams I read some time ago, renewed my interest in Newfoundland. I wish I could find time to escape there for a trip. In my mind it has a haunting quality, uncontrolled and yet beckoning.

sushimonkey posted a link to an on line coloring
program, and only a firm recollection of things to do prevented me from giving it a quick try. Coloring reminds me of first grade, when they posted the pictures we students had drawn by the principal's office. Mine were stick eagles. My best friend did a very lifelike take on the Iwo Jima photo.
Some people are born with it; some people are not. I think it is unfortunate when stuff like that pops up in memory, because my childhood was in the main extraordinarily happy. But remembering personal failings is so addictive. I would rather escape into warmer memories, like coasting on a bike at breakneck speed down the road on Bowen Hill, the tallest peak in town, but really just a large hill. How about those two home runs in Little League? Maybe winning the certificate for best student in Physical Education in tenth grade? A life of achievement, indeed. I'm a bit abashed by anything self-salutary or didactic I have ever said. Anywhere. Here. Elsewhere.

Might I have made different choices, and the goddesses cut me different thread? Ask them--they have the scissors. Me, I've got work to do, and a mighty thunderstorm is starting, which makes me ever so slightly high inside.
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call me silly, but call me

I love that 6 people on LiveJournal have listed Dorothy L. Sayers' wonderful mystery novel character Harriet Vane among their 150 interests. I think that Harriet Vane is grand--someone I'd actually want to meet. My "characters from fiction that might be fun to meet" list would include Ms. Vane, Ford Madox Ford's Christopher Tietjens, CP Snow's George Passant, and of course Bertie Wooster. That 6 people put HV on their interests list is just cool. She's perhaps the most attractive woman in any popular novel--though the author spends (rather too much) time assuring us she is physically plain.

Once I stumbled upon this bit of whimy, I had to play with the search engine a bit. I found 7 people have listed Harper Lee's challenged Boo Radley, from To Kill a Mockingbird, although the existence of a rock band by that name may skew the results. One of our dogs is named Scout, for a reason. Interestingly, something like 17 listed Eleanor Rigby on their interests list.

I'd put some pithy close to this, but I want to see how many people put "comfortably numb" among their interests.
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