June 10th, 2002

red cactus

There are so many things I want to do

Monday is great only in that the "to do" list seems like a touchstone, some sort of magic charm guiding me to get things done. By Thursday, it's just another document in the word processing directories. But on Monday, when all imagination is gone but getting something done, it's my personal talisman. I only wish that my need for morning free time did not cause me to leave for the office so late on mornings like this. This morning is much more excusable, though, as the home had to be restored to a spouse-ready condition prior to my departure for work.
I wish I could restore my car to pristine condition with the same determination.

Lately I've been listening to music while I work, because no matter what those studies say, I *am* more productive with music playing. Usually, I think that the ambient guitar works of Jeff Pearce make me the most productive (or put me in the best mood, which is almost the same thing).
Today, though, I'm revelling in my latest Dollar Store purchase--Roy Rogers' "Home on the Range" greatest hits collection. I would stop to describe it in detail, but I must get back to my to do list.
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abstract butterfly

a bumpy road ahead

Amazing synchronicity, isn't it?

In May, trial balloons are floated repeatedly about how we might one day face an instance of a weapon of mass destruction in the US, "not tied to any specific incident". Today we learn that in May, the government arrested a man accused of having a plan to set off a radiation device in a major city.

Things are just getting odder. It's going to be a very challenging time. At least four contradictory thoughts/accusations/fears/declamations of courage arise in me, at once, because we are in uncharted territory, and I don't have a novel to which to compare this situation.
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Sojourn to a strange jungle

Since our office move a few weeks back, we've had a lot more space to work in. We moved from the charming drop-lamps-and-high-ceilings-but-we-long-ago-outgrew-the-space "hep" offices (next to the coffeeshop with the free folk singers, down the street from the rustic town square) to larger, more "office parkish" we-are-functional-now space.

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