June 8th, 2002

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saturday, not in the park

I am about to head to my office to type documents, organize my desk and other needful things not reached during the week. I've just been loitering at marstokyo's really cool art website . marstokyo does these really imaginative "miniature theaters", 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches high. By my count, there are now several dozen photos of the theaters at the site. They're so "right", somehow, that I thought I'd mention them for the benefit of anyone on my friends' list that has not tripped across them yet.

Late this afternoon, friends are picking me up to take me to the remastered movie Amadeus. I didn't see it in the theaters the first time, and have only seen snippets on cable, so I'm looking forward to it. I finally got a good night's rest last night. Those International House of Pancakes pancakes with the blueberry syrup might have some restorative effect.

I must get some exercise this afternoon. I must get work done today. must. get. work. done. grrr.
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Room 222, or how I love numbers

The current bidding on my latest book auction has climbed through 6 bids from 2 cents to 222 cents.
I love all those 2s. I used to have such a crush on Karen Valentine's character on the old TV show Room 222. I hope the bidding finished in a 2.
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The Grand Question of Mediocrity

I liked that director's cut of the film Amadeus. The central plot device of the movie really works for me. Imagine that you are a practiced and expert musician. Imagine that you have worked so hard for your craft. Then imagine an upstart appears, a prodigy given an apparently "God given" talent which will guarantee him a place in history, just as your lack of talent will deny you your own illustrious place. This old time morality play about grace and talent makes for an interesting film.

I think that in life most of us must find ways to be mediocre with aplomb. For that matter, I think many of us *do* find how to accept our mediocrity.
Some go through denial about it. Some are depressed about it. Some rage against the lack of the light.
Good Heavens...some people even deal with it by being truly talented. But many just learn how to just be...mediocre.

The problem in Amadeus, of course, is not that Salieri lacks all gifts. God has given Salieri the ability to discern Mozart's genius. Therein lies the seeds of his damnation. Blessed are those with genius, perhaps, but less blessed are those who can spot it without having any.

Like most people, I feel like a Salieri most of the time. But I work really hard not to live in that "I must be a genius or I am nothing" place to which the movie character is driven. I am much more inclined to wallow in my mediocrity, and try to find humor in it. That's perhaps also just a "strategy", but it largely works for me.

I got a wonderful chess knight mail art from Jean Kusina, the wonderful mail artist who first encouraged me to get into the pastime. I also got a nice exchange from patchouli. My book did indeed sell for 2.22, which has a TV sitcom poetry to it. I got a nice note from a recipient of another copy of my book, for which I am grateful.

I got some work done today, but must get more done tomorrow. I did get a chance to hike a part of the Trinity Trail. I started at the "other end", nine miles away from my usual ingress. I walked through fields deep in grasses and red and purple summer weed flowers. I saw a sensitive plant. It looks like a fern in the middle of the sun, but in fact its leaves will "fold in" when touched. Many of these had yellow flowers in the shape of little dandelions. I have to admit I really enjoyed touching them and watching the leaves shrink over and over again. It's probably not kind to the plant, but it's so....reactive.

I got in something in the mail that will help me equal a scale. I'm always glad when a hare-brained idea looks like a really smart wabbit thought of it.
Tomorrow I must complete my 2 last nervousness exchanges. I was told weeks ago that the only LMAO I signed up for is on its way, but it has not arrived.
Meanwhile, friend scottm tells me that his 4 track is almost in hand and ready for a recording session. I am one electric football field away from
Genesis. I mean Creation, not Phil Collins.....

I am going with my friends to their Baptist church on tomorrow. I have not set foot in a Baptist church other than for weddings for over 20 years, as I was neither raised nor interested in that denomination, though I grew up in a Missionary Baptist town.
I understand the hymns will be "contemporary", which is too bad, because I do a pretty mean version of "Were You There" and "What a Friend We Have in Jesus".
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