June 5th, 2002

abstract butterfly

My goodness, he posts

I am bemused by the fact that I want to post on livejournal how I made so many posts and comments yesterday on LiveJournal. I've never done a diary before; I wonder if I'm one of those people who will ultimately have a paper diary, which sets forth raisin bran consumption and length of daily walks.
But then again, perhaps I can put it on Livejournal.

I've not yet used the "private" journal function, but I may have to start. I wish that was because I have posts of great excite and moment. You know, "my editor called, but said this must be *strictly confidential*. The advance will be $ 30,000! Now I can afford to stay in a nicer hotel in Brugges!" Instead, it's just because I have frequent posts. [See posts of 6/4/02]. I really liked learning about "altered books" at moderngypsy's website yesterday. It's nice when
a vague notion I have about something is largely correct, but also when filling in the details is
fun. Now, I'm going to ponder the imponderables--like how to convince gregwest98 to bring his family down from Oklahoma this summer to go to theme parks and tourist attractions to which neither he nor I would ever go but for the fact that he has children.
I was tempted to report on the nice appellate win I got on a procedural issue in the Arizona Court of Appeals, but then I realized that a diary of wins (but never losses) would be rather self-adulatory.

I will ultimately post less, but right now posting is important to me. I think that I will have to review more journals, to avoid deluging folks with too many comments now. I've gotten out of the random explorations which made the early days of LJ fun.
Perhaps it's time to go LJ surfing again. I am always excited by what I find here, whether it's what's happening in Canberra, great photos of art or textures,
once and future novels, collegiate crises, ambient music, art and artlessness, or just plain day to day living. But it's a wide world out there, and not all of it is in languages I don't speak. I am an explorer,
one hyperlink at a time....