May 24th, 2002

abstract butterfly

seeing things

On the drive home, a hawk whirred overhead, wide wings and a feathery white underbelly. The moon
was haloed last night with the moisture in the air--through my binoculars the craters had an almost watery look. Frogs played jazz by the park pond, apparently influenced by Sun Ra and
Harry Partch. I saw lightning bugs wink on and off intermittently, with a planned-looking randomness. A swift flittered in the darkness, low on the ground, searching out bugs.

We have company coming for the three day weekend, and I am looking forward to good fun and endless conversation. Ken and Heidi have a 21 month old, Bella, whom I've only met once, when I fed her baby food by helping her pretend the spoon was an airplane. I love toddlers, so it will be fun to have her around. I hope my lhasas share my enthusiam--they tend to prefer their children to be school age.

I hope I find a dawn or dusk to do some walking this weekend--the weather is the best May weather I can ever remember in Texas. I would say I have some visceral need for flowers and wildlife, but I am not really all that in touch with my viscera on this point.

I sent off the funds for my two successful ebay electric football field purchases. One more field, and my project is ready to launch.
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abstract butterfly

When the quiet settles in....

I used to love holiday weekends in Los Angeles, because everyone just leaves...back to the midwest, back to Manhattan, back to oblivion...just leaves....and the city becomes, if only for an instant, habitable again....

I always wanted to vacation in Nebraska....
my theory is that Nebraska is the center of the Universe....I have proof--you meet a fair number of people who came from Nebraska, but nobody
who's going to Nebraska....

entropy, entropy, why didn't they write a Schoolhouse Rock song about entropy?