May 21st, 2002

abstract butterfly

a sparrow nests in Tom Thumb

Today on the way to lunch I walked by a Tom Thumb grocery story. Roundabout Jolly Green Giant height, the Tom Thumb letters were attached to the side of the building. The letters "o" and "u" each had house sparrow nests, occupied by house sparrows. House sparrows are those non-descript little sparra-birds with the brown throats that are the one thing, besides McDonalds, one sees virtually everywhere in America. I like Garland, Texas, because it is a place where birds nest in sign lettering and nobody worries.

On my way home from getting propane from the nicest manager of the most professional U-Haul location I have ever been to, I sang to myself.
I am an inveterate sing-to-selfer. For some reason, the hymn that goes "This is my Song, a song for all the nations/a song of hope for people far and wide", set to Sibelius' Finlandia,
came out of my rather flat but never airy vocal chords. I always forget the lines in the lyrics just before the narrator explains how everyplace has its own beauties and its own blue skies.

A fervent bidding session ran my book up to $ 1.25 in the final ebay auction result. This really made me gain renewed confidence in my skills as an artiste. I raised the minimum bid by a full eighty percent for the next auction--to nine cents.

All along the roadway I see tall, purple thistle flowers. I love thistle. It's a weed, but what beauty. In my personal paradise, there'd be fields of thistle.

I got much done and experienced much stress at work today. I am eager to get more done, and
to receive Forrest Fang's Gongland CD in the mail.
Forrest's a lawyer like me, but unlike me,
he makes real music with synths. I bought a wooden kazoo at K Mart today.
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abstract butterfly

new images, old images

My friend gregwest98 sent me an old digicam. It's immaculately boxed. Such a nice gift. I looked at it a bit; I can't wait to see if I can learn to use it properly.

I went tonight to check out his website about his dad's experiences in World War Two. I was struck by one of the stories set down on this page. War is not really fought by norse gods or Aegean epic heroes. War is fought by ordinary people, who have to risk their lives and then kill other people.

I asked my uncle, who was a tail gunner in a bomber which was shot down over Italy during WW II, what it was like to be downed in enemy territory. He told me "I was a young fellow, 'bout like you, didn't know nothin', 'bout like you, and we came down, and suddenly I was in the dark, and there was shooting and bomb blast and flashes all around, and I looked around me, and I said..... "DAMN!", because before I'd been up in the air, and I had never really known what it was like".

I'm thinking about folks doing difficult jobs in difficult places now. Much as I despise war, I'm grateful for folks like Greg's dad--ordinary people who just stepped up and did.
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