May 8th, 2002

abstract butterfly

verbose in the rain

The last week or two, I see that my posts have gotten progressively longer, my comments to other posts similarly can seem word-afflicted, and my comment posts seem to be accompanied by side e mails on things so unimportant they were not even interesting enough to put in the comment. I guess I should worry about this, because verbosity is probably a deadly sin like luxurie and greed. I dislike seeming "omnipresent" by posting multiple comments in a single thread, or by taking too much freedom of patient listeners by expounding my worthless "theories" on sundry this and sundry that. So many theories, so little journal.

In fact, I've always written in streams of words, except when I write legal briefs, when I tend to follow the formats of the enterprise a bit more succinctly. I guess I'm just grateful that all you folks are such tolerant readers on LJ, and resolved to think about being succinct. I'm just not a succinct type person, I feebly plead.

The rain falls intermittently in large,
appealing drops. I'm listening to a wonderful bit of "dark ambient" music, spare and minor-keyed without being "creepy", and (until this "concise" LJ break) getting scads of work done. I'm just pondering how concise writing is good, and how non-concise my ideas generally tend to be, and waiting to see if it storms here.
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    M. Griffin, "Sudden Dark"
abstract butterfly

grace in a later time

I tearfully tried
to sacrifice on the mountain.
The myrhh was scented, by
mechanical processes I never understand,
with an additional enigmatic lilac tinge,
a sweet impurity.

The formerly jagged path up the mountain
was fully automated now.

The digital sin-stripped angel
told me to go home,
and that my offering was
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