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April 23rd, 2002

On the days when one fights the most fires

Nothing permits one to appreciate how hot the flames can be until one begins actively putting them out.

instrumental and meditative

My wife put Josh Alan's "Famous and Poor" CD on tonight. I'm pleasantly absorbed in acoustic guitar play--very agreeable. I love it for all the reasons I love Penguin Cafe Orchestra, but it's much more roots-music oriented. It's
literally the best thing I've heard since the Scott_M Experience, and it's almost as good as Scott_M. I wrote that fellow who does the Mountain Goats an e mail, because I read that he records to a boombox. Now that's living, really living, but I wondered how you mike living.
My own recording project ambitions are modest, what with being talentless and all, but
it would be fun to bang an autoharp or
create ambient sound from electric football fields without having to multi-track or figure out Cakewalk, the only software I've ever used that makes my recordings sound worse than my .wav recorder....I live in a world in which people make nice music, and that world's good by me.