April 14th, 2002

abstract butterfly

Gorgeous weather

I cannot let this day pass so quickly when the sun is shining and the birds singing.

I don't know if it's a walk at the Towne Lake Park, a visit to the Third Mondays trade days flea market, or just strolling the neighborhood listening to birds and watching for butterflies with my binos, but this day shall not be lost.

Next week they're having a meeting about whether to do something about lowering our neighborhood Glendover Park pond to stop overflow into the "Twin Creeks" development next door to our little subdivision. The blue flier we received had murmurs of dark doings (guess where the mayor lives, drained ponds and mold, etc.).

I am not a good rabble rouser anymore.
Folks on both sides of issues want to have
meetings when I'd really like to see a dependable engineer's report instead on whether a two bit pond causes the problem in a flash floodish area like ours. If so, fix the problem--even if one has to lower the pond. If not, let's talk about some more nature trails instead, and spend less time on pond draining. Also, are there fish in that pond? That's what I want to know.
abstract butterfly

A lemon in the sun

The man at the flea market hand-squeezed the lemons into the
ice, and then poured in a cherry and cherry juice combo.
Then he covered the whole thing with a water (perhaps sugared),
for the most divine hand-made cherry lemonade one could imagine.

A small cloud passed across my horizon when I read the
bumper stickers on sale at the "confederate" themed stand,
in which at least one ware went beyond mere commonplace offense into really harsh ridiculous offensivenes, but I soon forgot
this in the haze of airplanes made of soda cans, roasted turkey legs, puppies at play, and sundry fleamarketables of every description. Only one thing caught my eye--an original watercolor of a 3 masted old time sailing ship, simple, a bit quaint, but the humongous price of 8 dollars was 3 too high in flea market parlance, and I was not in my best Tijuana-bargaining state of mind.

I then began driving the country highways towards New Hope.
My Dallas suburb is quite to the north of Dallas, so really rural places are but a few moments away. New Hope was a very small town with some quaint homes and some other homes, and then near Altoga I saw a "historical marker" by a little country Methodist church, which marker proclaimed the church's "extreme age" of 110 years, which is practically ante-diluvian in north Texas parlance.

When I was wandering past cows and flowing creeks and little scraggle/stands of tress and workers fixing wires, I saw the
signs pointing the way to the Park Hill Prairie. Although I'd spent Saturday morning there, and was really wandering without meaning to come up on its "back entrance", I turned down the gravel roads, past a faded wood community center, and soon found myself back in the prairie park. One famly was fishing, another couple was hiking, but otherwise I was alone.

What a change a day makes in spring. Yesterday a handful of flowers had opened. Today the fields were a mass of yellow and purple. I used my little Bushnell 4 x 30 binoculars for virtually the only things they are good for, close ups on flowers,
focus in on butterflies, and the attempt to see a bird or two better than I could. Birdsong was everywhere; a cardinal had a particularly noticeable song. I thought to myself that it is a bit of a shame that I know few flower names and few bird names,
but I don't think I enjoyed the flowers any less.

On the way back, I stopped by the Dollar Store and picked up some seeds and a large jar for a new terrarium; two sci fi books to keep my imagination alive; and a 25 cent candy bar as an act of petty dietetic immorality.

I stopped by the Princeton Flea Market as well. This is a "real" flea market--all the items are a dime or a dollar or ten dollars.
Numerous used aquariums caught me eye...I daydream lately about a tank of red platies swimming through plastic plants...

I've got terraria to build now, though...let's hope that the marigolds are not as leggy in wardian case as the pansies of a few years ago....
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