April 5th, 2002

abstract butterfly

friday on mind, saturday in soul

The rain is predicted to make us run and hide our head, so it's another north Texas weekend on the way. Just as last year, weekdays now tend to be glorious, and weekends very wet, making one feel like Tantalus on Tuesday, and Noah on Saturday. I unsubscribed from the yahoo mail art list, and am seriously considering whether receiving Suzanne Vega concert reviews daily by mail makes sense.
It's always hard to know--on the one hand, being bombarded by dozens of e mails is not a good thing; on the other hand, lots of folks have interesting things to say. Ms. Vega herself tends to weigh in only once in a while, usually with a quick note of thanks or sympathy. I tend away from wanting to "worship" celebrity. Still, I buy her Songs in Red and Gray, think it's good, and then sign up for a list largely dedicated to adulating a particular celebrity. I'm a big practitioner of foolish inconsistency, and think that this, too, is a bit of a small-mind-hobgoblin. Though
somebody's journal I found on random was celebrating the body electric of Whitman's "am I inconsistent" verse...I'm not quite ready to placate my contradictions that way. It bothers me a little that although the Vega mail list
has dozens of interesting people, one part of me is disapponted that the featured artist rarely joins in--it's all a game, this fan stuff, and not particularly a healthy one. It reminds me of hte Sparks message board, where much of the posts I read a few months ago bewail the fact that the band rarely, if ever, contributes. I think that many of us, including myself, can get stuck in this "get a life" mode--T shirts for a sci fi convention, desperate efforts to meet and indie artist, spirited e mails with a chess writer or
a poet....it's a bit noble to look for kindred spirits, but why must we reject those who are not 'famous' or 'underground in a big way'? I think that we all fall prey to the marketing machinery....nothing good comes from our Bethlehem, because if it were good, it'd have a record deal/publisher/big budget....

Let's all unsubscribe.
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abstract butterfly


Now we need not do the things about which we dream.
We merely look them up on google, try to find a way to summarize them in a wav. file, and
examine the photos, assuming they're in compatible format.
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