March 28th, 2002

abstract butterfly

Did Dinosaurs build Stonehenge?

Walking past a drainage creek, watching a huge fish, something like a bass, only with oranges in near-tropical colors. Watched Radio Flyer on TV--always wanted to see this sad but affirming movie about kids coping with abuse through retreat into the fantasy world of childhood. Dead tired, much to do, moving forward.
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abstract butterfly

underneath the glass lies a real blade of grass, or roll over, Inkling!

The flight mall magazine last night actually had the One Ring
on sale for a mere 295 dollars. The ring actually has "elvish inscriptions" of

one ring to bring them all
one ring to find them
one ring to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them

No doubt the language of Mordor would have required additional licensing fees.

I was just puzzling out the potential for the 9-fingered Frodo
ring holder when I noticed the ad for the "Revolutionary Guillotine Cigar Cutter". The ad blurb began "the French turning beheading into an art form". Hey, it's always more fun to
blame our mercantile society, but this has too much ring of "lit major on a major self-amusement high" to pass muster.

I'm not good at convincing bold pronouncements on when parody becomes simple inhumanity, but things seem a bit wrong to me.