March 23rd, 2002

abstract butterfly

beware the sounding roar

Home at last this afternoon. Wonderful mail art from Eliot (hip zebras), from a exchange (photo of N. CA mountains, very nice) and a postcardx card with text (text was about how simple pleasures are the best). Got the CD of If an Angel Came to See You would you Make Her Feel at Home, which I recently reviewed from memory on What an odd, fun group Black Oak Arkansas really was....Wonderful evening...we went to Nuevo Leon, which actually manages to serve Nuevo Leon Monterrey-ish food, and not merely border food with a catchy name. I had a cabrito and carnitas that were very good. We killed time by going to Virgin Records. My continuing if heretofore subconscious drive to replicate in CD my age 14 LP collection continued with the ELP "Welcome Back My Friends" live album. No doubt I'll soon have the headphones hopping to "Hoedown" (Copeland should have thought of using a mellotron) and reciting the words to Karn Evil Nine, Impression 3, which is probably even nerdier than I wish to admit. Then we went to meet friends and my wife's coworkers' friends at the bar for the Josh Alan show....simply fantastic show, tiny lower Greenville Avenue bar, a pool table, a long bar, bluesplayer photos, modern art pictures along the narrow conical bar, the band crammed into a tiny space at the front, audience, a small group, huddled around bar and in chairs. My favorite part was a cover of "Theme from Shaft",
and I kept thinking of yelling out a request for Bowie's "1984", but I couldn't remember which Diamond Dogs song sounds just like "Theme from Shaft". Josh Alan is great and under appreciated, but I'm really excited that one of our friends gave me my own copy of his 4 track
work of indie genius. I'm eager to plug it in at work....roots music, heavy Dylan influence,
great baritone ukelele solos. It's like mail art, sometimes in life you get really cool things you never expect, but all you can really do is send and enjoy the experience....flight magazine had a piece on the outsider artist Henry Darger. What an incredible artist! I love folk and outsider art because really, despite some desultory knowledge I don't know so much about art but I know what I like, and I like
illustration and complexity, and I like
things I like that are not all concept but instead sometimes about plot and story. Darger's stuff seems to me enthralling enough for years of study.
But I think I'll just look at the illustrations and marvel instead.
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abstract butterfly


Driving to work listening to the 4 track DIY tape,
typing documents while Keith Emerson's keyboard stylings wander about (I believe that's "Little Rock Getaway" going now), thinking of writing a poem based on a conversation I had last night ("so you've lived here 14 years...but you don't *really* live in Dallas), posting on the board on important issues of the day (which sells better, dark ambient or light ambient;do you prefer mustard or mayonaisse will no doubt be next for me in my journalistic zeal);
the air has that breezy late March chill, like
the breath of God circulating across the waters, bringing all to life; reading journals at random at dawn--my goodness, high school; putting together a transparent corruplast with a photo behind it for ana k, whom I drew on
postcardx; reading Duncan's Sheik's first CD lyric sheet, barely breathing, chancing across someone's journal who quotes it by chance a day later,
resonating inside with that line "I could stay here waiting/fool for another day/but I don't believe it's worth the price/the price that I would pay/but I'm thinking it over, anyway", and remembering myself at 22; worrying about a sibling matter; trading e mails with another sibling at dawn; watching a three tiered small kite soar overhead, wondering whether tofu beef jerky is in my future....
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