March 6th, 2002

abstract butterfly


I draw stick figures and take throwaway camera photos. A friend of ours has a more serious approach to art. His website is His new stuff is really interesting. He uses
a sort of revisited symbolism--juxtaposed quasi-representational
images making metaphoric points. Very accessible, and yet very
outre, in its own way. Me, I'm still working on finding an address to which to send my Arizona mountains postcard.
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abstract butterfly

Another shooting

A news story tonight about a teenager who died after being shot. His companion, another teenager, tells the 911 tape that it was an accident. The medical examiner is rumored to
say that this "accident" in which the gun
"just went off" once and then went off again
when the teen holding it fell, in fact
was the result of two point blank shots.
I never trust TV news as a good adjudicator
of crimes, but it has the hint of another senseless
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