February 25th, 2002

abstract butterfly

SF Thai girl bands

In San Francisco on business. Interesting meeting, then to the hotel.
It's one of those odd artistic boutique hotels; it has the feel of Architecture Digest 1963, Scandinavian Modern edition. The magazines on the metal room desk are all magazines in which fashion models interview actresses about film festivals, each magazine issued under a moniker entirely strange to me.
I head around the corner to a Thai restaurant, where a big screen TV is playing a stadium show, in Thai, by a girl band that looks as though it's been pre-pressed for easy sales off the rack. The screen even prompts one when to cheer.
I felt too tired after my meeting to call my friend Eric, who went to law school with me and now lives here. By chance, an e mail from him advises me he is in Italy. I probably get one e mail a year from him, so it's nice this one came when I was on the verge of feeling guilty for not calling.

This hotel is so cool it has free internet access in hotel coffee rooms,
an IMAC, which you use standing up. Sitting isn't cool in this very modern world....I guess I'm more Holiday Inn Express than espresso these days.
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