Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

new raisin bran redeems morning

I found six mini-posters for a dollar at Dollar General, and promptly decorated one with a poem and a colored marker drawing for mailing to someone I picked up at random on
I have some construction paper which I want to
make into a handwritten poetry book; I have no calligraphic skills, but something tells me I can make it look cool. I also bought raisin bran
at the store; it's amazing how little touchstones like lack of the right breakfast cereal or
*both* Buffy the VAmpire Slayer and Enterprise being re-runs affect my limited psyche. Today I want to leap tall "to do" lists with a single bound. Soon I must begin the collage for nacowafer for a nervousness exchange. I have been looking at the print media in a new way--no longer is it what I can learn, it's what I can cut out and incorporate. I always liked that bit in
Doris Lessing's The Golden Notebook (maybe it's in the intro) that folks should read as much of a book as works for them, and then put that book down and go to something else that works for them.
I want to write poems, draw pictures, fight daemons at work, finish some continuing legal education, and generally clear out all the little stuff in my life.

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