Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

greeting dawn

I find it a curious thing to get up at 6 a.m. Sunday to go to Kinko's to pick up boxes of documents, spend from 7 to 10 re-collating and selecting from among them, and then to spend the rest of my morning getting ready to travel. Sometimes I wish I had chosen a nine to five profession, and I marvel at folks who express frustration over having to work the "full" forty hours. The venus flytrap of individual challenge seems to close upon one, no matter how hard one works.

Last night we had the nicest people over, who are friends of my wife--our vet and twin sisters who left behind the struggle for acting and singing success, and became sales professionals instead.
They did not have the education to "do" the jobs they do, but they just figured out how to do it anyway. I'm always impressed when people move beyond the "supposed to/can't do" constructs and make things work. Although I'm a huge believer in education, I've never found that a lack of post-secondary education is very indicative of sophistication or intelligence. The vet was telling us about her pet ducks, which joined pet retrievers and pet cats, a betta and a goldfish. I had the sudden urge to set up my guppy tank.

I found myself far too chatty during those intervals in which I felt called upon to speak--it's such a pendulum. I'm not a bad conversationalist, but I think I'm an acquired taste. I'm far better when I am on the silent side, I think, but I'm far more inclined to talk about what interests me, and hope I meet kindred spirits. But I hate that dawn feeling of "said too much".

Now I must pack and tape and generally prepare, but I have a good book for the plane and a sense that this week will go well.

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