Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

finding Peter Pan

I spent lunch time yesterday at a huge package-store-like building not far from my office called Peter Pan Pizza. The large banner across its window advertised a pizza buffet for 3 dollar and 99 cents. When I got into the restaurant, the rear of the restaurant proved to be one of those "one million video games for the kids" type places, but all the patrons were clearly of the "we're only here for the cheap pizza" variety.

A business acquaintance must come to Garland next month to meet with me. He said that he would like to buy me lunch here in Garland. 'What will we eat'?, I mused. Perhaps barbecue. Garland does barbecue much better than "higher" cuisines.

I've got a busy week still ahead, although I'm knocking away at my "to do" list. I have to travel up north on Sunday for business. I don't mind business travel, but it's less fun when it cuts into a weekend.

We had a big thunderstorm last night, which cooled things down just when the evening was getting muggy. We've had hummingbirds at our feeder, so Spring has really arrived. The native Texas flowers my wife planted in our front garden patch look wonderful--she's going for a "native English garden" look, and it's coming out very nicely. Our two new trees survived the transplant, but July, not April, is the acid test.

I'm tired--when night comes, I don't really want to sleep, but when day comes, I feel the lack of sleep. I'm still trying to figure out the "friends list" counter on LJ. One of my friends deleted me (who first added 300 friends, then announced she was not going to use her journal, and then made her journal 'friends only', and then apparently realized that 'friends only' probably requires one to prune one's friends' list). That's cool, but why did my "friends of" counter stay at the same number? I don't see that anyone added me. I never can make a manual count match LJ's count anyway.

This week I discovered on lj_nifty that there are lots of cool LJ gadgets I don't use. Meanwhile, I still have not applied for my circle of Hell in the Dante's Inferno poll, but was relieved to find I had a very presentable battle imp. I suppose it's a shame I didn't paste and save my battle imp, but how many battles imps does one's friends page need?

I notice that "where am I in life" angst seems to hit my 21 to 30 year old LJ friends just as much (if not more) than my 40 to 55 year old friends. This perhaps confirms my view that after 20 or so, age is really not that big a difference in outlook. Perhaps, though, it is the age difference, and the younger folks are finding their ways in life, while we older folks realize that the roads often come to the same thing. I do remember being 25, and saying "is this all there is?". But I also remember being 25, and being able to take a long drive, and gasp at the incredible beauty of an old church on a remote country highway. Who knows what the boxes we all categorize things are, and if we understand what they mean? I just know I have work to do, and that I'm roughly raisin bran and a shower from being able to do it.

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