Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

the screen vanishes

I missed Enterprise and half of Angel tonight due to work. I haven't seen Buffy in weeks. I rarely see most of the TV shows I enjoyed just a year or two ago. I am not a TV snob at all. I love TV. Well, I take it back. Excluding reality shows, I am not a TV snob. Hmmm...well, excluding reality shows and the Trinity Broadcasting Network, I am not a TV snob. Hmmm....well, never mind. But I seem to work too hard lately for nearly as much TV as usual. I'm a morning person; I suppose I need to go to work at dawn so I can come home earlier.

My ebay auctions are drawing in the bids. Maus II seems much more popular than I would have guessed. Chess books always sell. The Armistead Maupin series is still bidless after the first day, to my surprise. I got payment for the MCO-14 chess book and mailed it off today. I'm glad I upgraded to "premier" paypal, as this makes for quicker ebay payments.

Meanwhile, my efforts to purchase a chess clock on ebay have all been outbid. I did find a very inexpensive couple of suppliers of multiple clocks, though. I realized today that any clocks beyond my needs can be promptly resold on ebay at a profit, which gave me the confidence to order from one supplier. I may even give the other supplier a try as well, and try to sell clocks at a profit to make the net cost zero. That's ambitious, though, and I'm tired now.

My series of e mails to various local chess clubs, promoting my club, have not gotten much response yet.
I'm pretty confident I can build this club by marketing to gamers, but it would be fun to have some USCF chess folks on board. I notice that the local chess clubs sometimes have the same folks as members. I originally thought Dallas had a huge amateur chess scene, but now I think a little scene-making may be in order. I am eager to get tournaments going, though, as a first tournament will be so much a part of the fun.

Tomorrow I travel to Phoenix for a couple of days. I love the desert, but I'm afraid I will only see conference rooms. I don't know what I did before found me great hotels for not much money.

I got another response to my Mail Poetry Call. I now see (after 3 responses, to which my own will be the 4th)that the call will succeed, as it is months from the deadline. Today's response was someone I never heard of before, so my promo effort may be working. I am hoping for north of 30 and south of 100 responses by the August 1 due date. It's fun to read what people do with the idea "Infinite Space, Tiny Apartment".

The folks at the place in Fort Worth offered to show me around on either this Saturday or a Saturday in May. That will be quite interesting to me. I'm grateful to the authors of "The Signal Season of Dummy Hoy", because they sent these folks my way, which helped give me a fulcrum around which to focus this chess club idea. That reminds me--one of them hosts a garden show on Chicago radio; need to check it out.

I must also go to texastornado_91's personal website/weblog and ask her about gamer bulletin boards in the DFW metroplex. Gamers and chess often go together (a few RPG and cardPG games require some basic chess knowledge by analogy), and this may be the way to reach out with my club to get the tourneys going.

The bluebonnets on Centerville Road near my work are so tall and almost leggy. It's been an incredible wildflower year so far, and good flowers are ahead.

I found myself sarcastic too often today. I am sarcastic by nature, but I must fight glibness whenever I can.

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