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monarchs rule

Today I woke early, breakfasted on Total Raisin Bran and non-fat milk, but then fell asleep at 9 a.m., waking only at 1 p.m. I am amazed that a social evening with friends knocks me out, but it does. My wife and I went to our neighborhood Persian place, where they made me a sandwich of steak cubes on a huge pita. The owner was dressed in a T-shirt without a shave. When I am dressed in a T-shirt but no shave, I look slovenly. He looked like a page out of GQ. The genetic lottery gives us different numbers, and my numbers rarely come up with even the "3 out of 5" five dollar pay.

We then drove over to the Spring Creek Trail, the forested creek bottom with sidewalks through it. The sidewalks were filled with branch material from the severe thunderstorm which started our day, but the sun was beaming down through blue skies. We wandered for eighty minutes there, attracting inch-worms onto our shirts, because they hovered in mid-air from inchworm-threads and caught onto us as we hiked. We saw four monarch butterflies, which fly fearlessly because they know they are not tasty for birds. I like that story about the slightly smaller viceroy butterfly. They look like monarchs, but they actually are quite tasty for birds. The birds ignore them because of mimickry. I cannot trace the symbol to a noble conclusion in my mind, but sometimes I wish I were a viceroy butterfly. We saw a green beetle-like bug that was just gorgeous. At one bridge, a man signaled for us to stop. Sure enough, there was a little three foot non-poisonous snake threading the spaces in the metal bridge wall. I think he was a king snake, but I'm not sure. He was cool to watch, slithering between the spaces, until he went away.

As we passed Green Park, a quarter mile from my home, large, attractive plastic kites flew. The wind here is steady, but not unpleasant. Today, everything is steady, and not unpleasant.

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