Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

run, rabbit, run

Today I began my morning placing books on ebay. I spent the last year in acquisition mode, more or less, and now I want to spend the next year in pruning mode. I am good about only spending small sums on things, but too often I spend too many small sums on too many small things. I am glad, though, that the Hannah Tillich bio book I got for nearly nothing on ebay came in. That story interests me. I am reading James Hilton's Time and Time Again, which is thoroughly enjoyable. I always enjoy Hilton novels, be they Goodbye, Mr. Chips, Lost Horizon, or any of a handful of others. This one, about the problems of social class, interests me a good bit as a launching pad for exploration. I am working slowly up to a longish post on class distinction in our current American culture.

I received an e mail from a relative today, which recounted for me in rather vivid detail that relative's communiques and detailed dialogues with God. I am a believer in God, who seems to me once in a while to make modest indications of the right thing to do, but God never gives me detailed instructions, including extensive and rather personable (though often, not surprisingly, somewhat insistent) dialogue. I think that I would prefer a sort of AAA map service, in which one advises the Powers that Be of one's intended destination, and then gets pre-printed directions there--a bit like those internet directions sites, but without the difficulty of a dial-up modem. Of course, one could argue that this is what a scriptural tradition is all about, and I will skirt over here the problem of reality-as-scripture. I must admit, though, that although I arguably do not have a truly charismatic-faith bone in my current make-up, it's comforting on some level to have a relative who does. For that matter, it's comforting to know that almost every belief system is reflected in my family someplace.

I got my nervousness scrapbook exchange in the mail at last! I hope the stapled-on bit of someone else's old needlework is not off-putting. I am going to have to remember to remove from my exchange offers any exchange which requires more than a postcard of sketches or a poem.

I noticed that a new games place is open just by my work. It has long gamer tables just perfect for my blitz chess club. The owner and I are to talk Wednesday about potential scheduling. Meanwhile, my mail brought in my renewal of my USCF tournament director status. Now I just need to get my WBCA membership in for the club, and then also "join" the club into the US Chess Federation.

I worked hard today, but took off early enough to take a quick half an hour walk in the Spring Forest Trail. There were white lily-like flowers everywhere, as well as yellow susan flowers. I took three snaps--we'll see if they come out. I saw a huge white cotton tail rabbit standing in the weeds. I saw a huge crow above a stagnant pond. I saw a poodle, puppy-cut, and a smiling woman who said "He is my walkin' buddy". It was a good time.

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