Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

blustery day, but no Pooh bears

Today my resolve to have a hike before 10 a.m. collapsed when I awoke too early, fell back asleep, and ultimately didn't really stir until 9 a.m. My wife came with me to my office, so that we could hunt up a new office chair. My "real chair", an old county courthouse wooden judge's chair that my late grandfather salvaged years ago, put back to together, engraved back and all, and gave to me (along with his huge business 'partner's desk', which has been my desk now for nearly a decade), needs some rework on the casters. I've been using for an office chair a well-worn old chair, but it's not only given up the ghost, but it's been in fact "getting the holy ghost across" as a former chair used past its functionality for a magickal year or two. So I need a chair, until I one day re-do my "real" chair. We went to Office Depot, which had something at a good price, but I decided to wait and see if I could get something used at the Arthur Andersen accounting firm huge liquidation sale downtown next week.

I got work done on next week's big project, and got some administrative work done. We even were able to peek in on MJD Designs, a Michael's competitor, which is finishing up its "going out of business" sale. For a dollar and 23 cents, I got a candy mold that will make little goblin and skeleton candies--I'll use it for clay modeling, in all likelihood, but it looked like fun (at 23 cents, it was really fun), a bandanna, some yarn, and various other tiny things. I am starting to realize that I am better doing little sketches on postcards as mail art and eschewing crafts beyond my skill, but I still spent the 1 dollar and 23 cents.

My ebay purchase, a 1935 well-used book on Soap Sculpture, came in. It's a fun book--to the point, simple, good directions. Guess what? The way that one properly sculpts soap is to use a paring knife and pare soap like an apple. This is why I read crafts books--to confirm things I know already. Crafts books that teach me new things are very hard to digest. The picture of a soap chess set there involved post-flapper women pawns and queens, which made a cool picture indeed. I liked the part of the book that cautioned against too much water in the painting process--soap suds, you know.

I played well again at the Internet Chess Club today. My overall strength is not impressive, but I'm glad I have almost no rust. I won two games today that I did not deserve to win. I lost one in which my opponent mopped the website with a Gurdonark mop head. I changed my "profile" to admit that if I win, it was because I am lucky. I also found this cool community on LJ called glamourbombs, which looked like an ideal place for my Mail Poetry Call, and, sure enough, the moderator there was both enthusiastic and kind enough to permit me to post it over there. I also found a cool website called, which is devoted to ezine promotion, and posted the call there. I love the way the internet lends itself to free marketing and promotion.

When my wife and I went to McKinney Towne Lake Park, the wind chill factor was amazingly cold. Few people had the lack of common sense we had to be out at all, but we needed the exercise. Then we headed over to my brother's to take back a loaner van, much appreciated, and we all went to a bbq dinner. My brother is a former Naval officer, who used many years ago to cruise the Persian Gulf, but I'm both proud of him for doing his part and glad he is not in the service now. I'm thinking about all the military folks over there, doing the duties they've been assigned.

I got a charming note from a correspondence chess master, which was impressive enough to cause me to use a scrapbook as a scrapbook, and keep the letter. Meanwhile, my exchange scrapbook did not get into today's mail, so I must mail it on Monday. I brought a little work home tomorrow, so that if the weather stays so cool and windy, I can work without going to my office. My hope is that it warm a bit tomorrow. We saw Texas bluebonnets all along the freeway, we laughed when my wife unpatriotically called them "lupines") so we know Spring is in session. I'd love to walk in a field of Indian paintbrush, and watch large hawks soar through my cheap French binoculars, but I will probably stay less far afield tomorrow.

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