Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

advancing green

The Bradford pear trees, which had all been in bloom, have largely receded into leaves. The peach trees remain in bloom, as do the redbud trees. Our local alternatives to gorgeous mountains, stunning beaches, and lush forests are wild birds and wild flowers. Birds which have been gone for months are returning. Even among the birds who winter here, everything is active--hawks hover everywhere, searching out prey. The flowers have begun, though the best is ahead. The parks are planting tulips here, which look good, although they don't "belong" here, being so cold-climate attuned. The winter of 2001/2002 was so mild, while 2002/2003, from which we are emerging, was so awful.

I got an e mail from Belgium that my chess pieces mail art did arrive. The soap chess queen apparently proved rather aromatic. Meanwhile, my ebay "Soap Carving" book, purchased for 3.99 plus shipping, still has not arrived. I am adrift in an art room full of soap, waiting to be carved. I know how all the great sculptors felt. I have this mental image of showering with the discards.

Work is staggeringly busy right now. It's time to go work some more.

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