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"[letter dated] March 24, 2003

1505 Landsford
Allen, Texas 75013

Walter Browne
World Blitz Chess Association

Regarding: Affiliate Membership for North Texas Blitz Hegemony

Dear Walter:

I write to follow up on our exchange of e mails a week ago. I ran a poll in my weblog, and the club name:

North Texas Blitz Hegemony

edged out Leafy Sea Dragon Chess Association (and carried with a landslide over Allen Blitz Chess Club). Accordingly, I write to apply for an affiliate membership for that club. Also, if there’s anything I need to do to become a tournament director for my club, please sign me up or let me know what I need to do. As I mentioned in my e mail, I am interested in holding small, quick, blitz tournaments. I have this notion it might be fun to have low entry fee, no prize, bring a can for the food bank, all proceeds go to the Friends of the Library for chess books kind of club. Although Dallas Chess Club and some other local clubs sponsor many events, nobody seems to be doing what I have in mind—a quirky blitz-oriented club, for busy people like myself who have neither time nor the desire for a lot of club infrastructure. Of course, my first challenge will be finding places to hold tournaments cheaply, but I think I’m up to that challenge.

I enclose a check for [x], [y] to cover the cost of the affiliate membership,and [z] for my own individual membership. I’m excited about the idea of running tournaments, so if you could send me whatever I need to get started, I’d appreciate it. As I mentioned, I used to TD very small USCF events, so the concepts are not alien to me. I like that WCBA lends itself to round robins, either in single or multiple sections, which is even easier than swiss. I’m from the “old fashioned days”, i.e., a very few years ago, when one paired Swiss system tournaments by hand, so if you know of an easy Swiss software, I may pick that up as well.

Thanks for your prompt reply to my e mail last week. It really energized me.

Let’s see if I can convert this energy into the quirky blitz chess club I envisage.

Best Regards,


Now, let's see if I can get this launched. It's a bit daunting to mention something incipient in my journal, as it may flop and go nowhere. But I feel that the journaling process can help me keep up with the idea. I'm bored of daydreams. I want to see a dream made flesh. A flesh of blitz chess maybe, but flesh nonetheless. I already got an e mail from the first local chess player I reached out towards, expressing some interest, so we'll see what we shall see.

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