Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

resisting Watauga

The deadline to sign up for the Watauga chess tournament is 7 p.m. by e mail, but I'm going to pass. It starts at 9 a.m., and the first two rounds could take an hour and a half each, and the last two rounds could take three hours each. It could be six or seven before I am finished, and that's too long. I almost went today to play in a shorter game/30 minutes tourney at the Dallas Chess Club, but we wanted to have dinner with my brother and his wife tonight, so I saved that for another day.

I will send off my money on tomorrow to get the blitz club membership instead, and soon run my own tournaments, which always take less than 3 hours to run. I thank everyone for voting in my poll. I now know to name my club the North Texas Blitz Hegemony, which makes sense, because I see it as less a club than as an affiliation which will permit me to run tournaments.

I woke up at 1:30 a.m., but I put the time to great use. I drafted a legal thing I'll need next week. I sometimes can have a lot of clarity sitting up in the middle of the morning. Today I went to the office and got more things done. I brought some more work home for any insomnia time tonight.

I began my "real" morning playing chess at the Internet Chess Club, and played again when I got home after work and a nice little walk. I won five out of six games. If my mood is good, my play is so much stronger. Never mind that in three of the games, I "should have been" beaten. I just kept my tenacity, and pulled through--at least except for the game where I managed to hang my queen in the middle of the action.

I looked up the name of the teacher who sponsors the "poetry club" at Allen High School, and sent her my Mail Poetry call. Meanwhile, people on the 'net have been very kind about posting the call at this outlet or that, and art mail friends have been enthusiastic. I think this will work, and I'm eager to be buried in a mountain of poetry--although actually, a manageable but vigorous number would be more fun for documentation.

I have a lot of work to do this week, and I may work a bit on tomorrow, but I really do think I'll walk tomorrow morning, think and read tomorrow afternoon, and maybe watch a video tomorrow late afternoon. I see lots of birds and lots of blooming trees. It might be fun to go butterfly watching. I want to get one of those binoculars with digicam inside eventually, as that would be perfect for butterfly/bird photos, but for now, I'm going to marshal my resources for other hobby things--like finishing my overdue scrapbook and getting those CDs duplicated.

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