Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Mail Poetry Call

Many thanks for those who you who voted in my poll, which selected the theme of the following call. Based on the winning choice, I now announce my:


What is Mail Poetry? Simply a defined form of mail art--poetry without judgment, without profit, without boundaries, without external worries. Each poet contributes in an effort to achieve the the Experience of interconnection. No fame, no fortune, no fear--simply an effort to capture the Moment, shared with others. The world is filled with poets who write to impress others but never read what others write. Mailpoets are readers of mail poetry first, and writers second. Mailpoets live less in the moment of good and bad, "right" poetry and "wrong" poetry, and more in the moment of reading and writing the things we experience.

The Theme for my Call is: "INFINITE SPACE, TINY APARTMENT"

The universe is so vast, and we experience so little of it. How do we break from these quiet, cramped walls into the farthest reaches? Are the distances within or without? You are cordially invited to submit poetry addressing this theme, as literally or figuratively as you will, using such formats as you will, in such meters, styles and conventions that you prefer. More importantly, you are invited to share in the communion of saints joining in this call, through receipt of documentation.

Format: All poems should be submitted on 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch paper, or on size A4 paper. Typed poems are preferred, but hand-printed or calligraphed are also welcome. Put your name and address on the top left corner of the page, so that appropriate credit and documentation may be given. No limitations or pre-definitions as to matters of poetic convention are imposed. Please leave behind any fears or pretensions, other than those you are willing to worship on the page. Mail Poetry is not about the critique or the writing seminar or the thrill of recognition, any more than mail art is about galleries or money.

Documentation will be provided to all. The form of documentation will depend on the level of response to the call. Will it be a reading? A participant list with each participant getting another's poem? A website? Who knows? We shall see, but documentation will be sent to all. Each participant who sends a poem consents to the copying of this poem for unlimited distribution forever either on paper or on-line, so that poems can be distributed for the Experience of those interested in the call. This call is not about profit, judgment, recognition, or awards. No poems will be returned. All contributions are welcome.

Deadline: August 1, 2003. Please send your contributions early, as this will assist in planning the documentation.

Please send your contribution to:

1505 Landsford Drive
Allen, Texas 75013
United States of America

This call is a snail mail only call. E mails are for another day. The universe is vast, and filled with poetry. Please send me yours!

Need information? Contact: (note: I'm also available through this LiveJournal).

I hope some of you will choose to play, and join in the fun.
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