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Finding Your Inner Bizarro--a Blueprint for April 1

April 1. A time in which we all come clean, and replace the subtle fictions of our LiveJournals with broad, transparent fictions. It's a day of All Fools--the day on which we expose our inner inversions to the world. Yes, for those of us who choose to play, April 1 is Bizarro LiveJournal Day.

The Bizarro universe in the old Superman Comics was a dimension in which everything did everything backwards, or the opposite. The Bizarro Superman says "hello" instead of "goodbye". As so many of us do, the Bizarro Superman's "true identity" is much stonier looking than the userpics of the "real" Superman. Some of us, I fear, will prove in their Bizarro posts how genuinely Bizarro their regular journals are, but it doesn't matter. We are not out to learn anything or make a point; we are Bizarro.

The Bizarro concept has been utilized in so many ways. Not only did a memorable episode of Seinfeld feature the "Bizarro Jerry", but also Buffy the Vampire Slayer had an entire Bizarro alternative universe. Alternative bizarro comic strips, books, and notions abound.

But on April 1, those who choose to play will have the chance to construct their own Bizarro LiveJournal Post. What is "bizarro"? Well, it can be many things. But for most of us, it will have one of two meanings--either the LiveJournalist alters entirely all the facts of his/her life, to create a fictitious day by a polar opposite, or the LiveJournalist will take his/her own life, and change entirely every bit of mood and spin from his/her own journal, to "see" his or her world in entirely the opposite way of the way he or she sees it now. It's a writing exercise in silly, but meaningful, but meaningless, inversion.

We don't really need many rules. The rules are therefore simple: 1. post your Bizarro post on April 1; 2. make sure at the end of your post, you title it ("[Post title]--Bizarro Day Post"); and 3. If you wish, comment here so that folks know you're choosing to play, and watch for your post come 4/1.

I don't claim this is a new idea, as faux personae are as old as the internet, and as pervasive on LiveJournal as Bjork icons. But as marstokyo and I were discussing some weeks ago, it would be fun, and already a solid number of people have agreed to join in the fun.

So if you wish to play, feel free to comment in solidarity.
Publicize it as if it were a "meme" doomed to scorchfire all of LJ. Most of all, write your Bizarro post on April 1, for which you will receive no special prize, but perhaps some personal inspiration of what choices you have made, and what choices are still available to you. On second thought, just be Bizarro.

Because, after all, life is nothing, if not Bizarro.

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