Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A Taste of Garland

I went to the Crimestoppers benefit, a Taste of Garland...held in huge Shriners Temple meeting room ["this parking space reserved for the Potentate"]. Tons of local businesses had food counters which hoisted up plate after plate of food for the attendees. The whole thing had a very Texas feel to it. I won a silent auction
for 4 tickets to the Wylie Opry. Wylie is a neighboring community of 10,000. The "oprys" are
expositions of old-fashioned country music,
patsy-cline-era stuff, attended in large part by teetotalling "regulars" who do not hold with dancin' and drinkin' and general commitin' of casual sins, but instead revel in clean living and profound sins. My winning bid of 25 dollars in the silent auction not only got 4 passes to the Opry, but also 2 all you can eat buffets at "Golden Corral". We're talkin' high living.
We also got some "go anywhere" airline tickets at a decent if not rock bottom price, which we'll use to go to Canada or the Carribean.

Other auction items varied from mere Texana to
the arcane. The 20# weight straw cowboy hats were a popular item, but not nearly as popular as the
autographed picture of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. The autograph is not by Ruby or Oswald, but by the policeman who stood by Oswald in the famous photo. The chance to ride a night of patrol with Garland's police officer of the year was a hot item, while the reclining chair was also a high dollar bid item. The bidding on the
God Bless America blanket seemed to start north of 100 dollars if I heard right. The auctioneer
was mixture of intentional and unintentional humor. I can't remember the last time I had such a casual, very Texan experience. Garland is a city that retains its Texana in the face of modernity; what a fun place to practice law.

Lightning strikes nearby on the way home.
We're happy to be home again.

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