Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

I'm melting! I'm melting!

Yesterday morning, a new layer of freezing rain provided an icy surface to the pre-existing mix of snow and sleet. I drove to work on a well-travelled side road, at thirty miles per hour, feeling the little ice-patch slides that make such a commute more intriguing. My fever has largely subsided, but I still have a sore throat, which seems to have resulted from the combination of no sleep on Saturday night and the windy day at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden. When I got out of my car at my office, a flock of grackles were shouting their slogans to one another, reminding me of nothing so much as a giant party in the snow.
I love these year-round birds, who are just so enthusiastic.

I had a busy work day, got a lot done, but determined to hit the roads by 4:30, as I felt ill and I didn't really want to drive on the ice in the dark. Fortunately, though, the ice had almost entirely melted by that time, and my commute home was easy.

Now that the snow was gone, I stopped by Kroger and picked up a box of raisin bran. Note to self: next time a winter storm is predicted, stock up on raisin bran and skim milk. Everything seems to be getting back to normal, after two days of "school's out" and near-impassable roads. This morning a few places are opening at ten as a final precaution, but it looks as though we lasted out our worst winter storm this year. Last year we only got a few nice powder-type snowfalls, but this year, it's much more a Dallas sleetstorm year. One of my recent affectations is that I resolve not to spend Summer wishing for Winter, and Winter wishing for Summer. But I must admit that I am ready for warm weather again.

I wrote a long LJ post about the dangers of credit card interest, but then the computer froze so that I could not get the mouse to move to "update journal".
My explanation that the biggest consumer problem I see every day is folks over-leveraged will have to await another day. I may have to set up a deadjournal of all the posts I wrote that would not post for reasons of technology or change of heart.

I discovered that instead of "Angel", WB was carrying a Lone Ranger revival pilot, or some such. Yesterday Sarah Michele Gellar confirmed that this will be her last "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" season, which tempts me to suggest that in some ways last season was the last season. I always think that one advantage of the "targeted story arc" approach to shows (my term for shows that are planned across seasons, rather than episode by episode) is that on paper, the plot lines should never pale. But in fact, Buffy, despite a few strong episodes, is clearly past its prime, and Babylon 5, the most formatted show of all, with plot details planned years in advance, spent its last season limping through a low-budget plot which seemed to bear only scant resemblance to the story arc. Perhaps the simplest story arcs remain those in which the whole affair is wrapped up simply. Pour some water on the witch. She melts. Don't worry about The Wizard of Oz II.

I noticed last night that Enterprise could not hold my attention a full episode, while I fell asleep during Law and Order. I've been pleased with Law and Order in general this year, as they've finally done something with Elisabeth Rohm's character. But when I'm not up to par, I can sleep through anything. Only West Wing held me a full episode last night. Mr. Bush could not hold me a full thirty seconds last night.

I was sad to see that Fred Rogers passed away. I always found him a fascinating guy, who chose a way to minister to others without ever seeming a heavy-handed minister. In this era of harsh words and glib cynicisms, we're going to miss gentle voices for reason and kindness.

Today I have a handful of important tasks to do, and then I'm heading home at a too-reasonable hour again.
I can hardly wait until the weekend, when I plan to sleep this sore throat into oblivion.

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