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But what are you *really* like?

So often in LiveJournal we learn from one another these literary, edited, highly novelized stories. Even the personal revelations of intimacies undergone and trust foregone have this atmosphere of the guarded moment. I suppose this is natural, and the plots we construct in our journals still give so many clues (often unintended by the author, I suspect) as to the journalist's "real" self. But I hazard a theory--we learn a lot about people by their most trivial pursuits, rather than by their most elegantly constructed ideas.

Let's put that theory into test today. I'm sitting here in Allen, Texas, on a Sunday where the ground is unexpectedly graced with a light bed of snow. Snow for me is a wonderful guilty pleasure, as are Autumn tornados, seen from a distance.

I'd like to get to know each of you better, and allow you to know me a little better. But let's eschew the futile stuff, like our life's philosophies, our lives with those with whom we are intimate, and our views on matters politic and political. Let's skip right over to the real soul-revealing stuff. Let's talk guilty pleasures!

Poll #103079 Snowy Sunday Guilty Pleasures Poll

What's a book you love to read repeatedly, though some people might think it trite or tame?

What's a musical album (CD) you love to play over and over, even though it might be mainstream or "un-cool"?

What's a song you love to dance to, even though you don't even like the genre it's in?

Who's an actor or actress that deeply appeals to you, even though you suspect he or she is an idiot?

What's a food you love to eat, even though it's pure junk? (one answer only, please)

What TV show do you like in re-runs that you know your friends would pan?

When you sing in the shower, what's the silliest song you sometimes sing?

Name the religious faith (other than your own) you wish you practiced, if only you believed any of its tenets

Which sports star are you ashamed to admit you kinda fancy?

What's the one material object you owned as a child that you wish had not been irretrievably lost?

My belief is that in our unguarded moments we betray so much about ourselves, and what moment is more unguarded than that in which a guilty pleasure is sampled?

So what are you really like? What are the others like? Only the poll answers will tell. Of course, at some point, I will add my own answers, and we'll all know of the lesser, soul-revealing guilts too superficial for damnation, but too deep to ignore.
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