Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

in a state of imaginary grace

On the airplane on the way home from vacation, the headphones featured a channel stocked with 80s hits and a special "glam" segment, hosted by Daniel Ash. As I was in my early 20s when most of this music came out, it seems like "my music" in some ways. I was intrigued by how many of the quirky radio hits--the "I Melt for You" and "Girls just Wanna Have Fun" still resonate with me.
Perhaps there's something pathetic about
a 40something year old man turning up the volume on "Rock Lobster", but it's a pathos or bathos I'm willing to endure. On the nostaliga note,
my Be Bop Deluxe Axe Victim came in, and the import CD actually reproduced the interior photo work and the lyric sheets from the old LP. It's nice when the CD maker goes the extra mile. I've bought far too many where that stuff is deleted; which is strange, since old reissues are rather profitable for the CD maker, what with advance recoupment and large marketing runs usually not an issue.

I'm clicking my heels together a bit this morning and chanting "no place like home, no place like home". Our lhasas, sprung form the kennel,
certainly concur. The Texas wind last evening made the cutoffs I'd worn back from Florida
seem a bit inadequate.

The tourist baseball cap I picked up from
a K Mart in Key Largo said "tarpon". This is
an exercise in appearance v. reality. Tarpon is what you pay a guide 300 dollars to take you into salt flats to fish for with a fly rod, requring immense skill. My own fishing adventure was to ride a party boat a half mile from shore for 33 dollars, and watch my bait sink to bottom, get nibbled off by small fish, and then watch my hook rise baitless back to the top. Although I, like nearly the entire boat, went fishless (a disappointment, since in CA, similar weather conditions would have netted a sackful of mackerel plus a few perch or seabass), I did get to see flying fish in abundance and a sea turtle.

The snorkeling throughout our trip was superb.
Snorkeling is my kind of hobby--requires no skill, rewards patience and cautious curiousity,
provides an hour or two of quiet, meditative
escape. We did 3 trips to the reefs,
and I'm feeling just the slightest bit over-watered, but it was still a great set of trips.
I didn't see any of the sharks or rays or
cotopi that make for a "wow, guess what I saw"
trip, but was perfectly happy with good old parrotfish, angelfish, trumpetfish and

We visited Fairchild Tropical Garden in Miami
on yesterday morning, prior to travelling
across the country. Many things were in bloom, including gorgeous orchids. Iguana ran across the lawns with abandon.

I took dozens of throwaway camera photos,
though I know (particularly underwater), that the main function of a throwaway camera photo is
to remind one how no photo does anything justice.
Memories don't really transfer to film...

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