Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The miracle of posting to LiveJournal

I felt that my journal, being burdened by the fact that I'm a little weary and down, needed a bit more of that good old featherweight content, so I meticulously drew up a little poll on the ideal two disparate musical artists to be selected to do the ideal cover song. I then drew a charming little intro to my poll up. I had all the requisites cites to Shania, Gwen, Sting, Boudleaux Bryant, "Rocky Top", and the Nazareth cover of "Love Hurts".

I pasted the poll into a text, and hit "post". The computer replied that it did not work. I made some mild alterations, and tried again. The computer reported it did not work. I kept trying and kept trying, and soon I found that I had posted it twice, rather than once. Then I went through the same process on deletion, being assured that neither version had succesfully deleted, and then noting that actually I'd managed to delete both versions.

Now I'm uncertain if my poll post still exists,or if it is in fact deleted. I do have a vague memory of Gwen Stefani shimmying to "Message in a Bottle". I think I'm going to pull out a kazoo, and hum "Love Hurts".
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