Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

cold landing

I'm just back after the long flight home. It is deeply cold here, although "deeply cold" only means 20 degrees, not Alaskan cold.

Another day of meetings, this time in an SF suburb. I went on the BART train from downtown SF to the airport to meet my clients' plane prior to the meeting. The ride from the Powell station to the Colma station was easy, because it was in essence against the flow of commuters. Colma is "famous" for having the Bay Area cemetaries, but I was disappointed that they were not really visible from the train. Somehow I found it comforting, though, that the BART map showed the station to be surrounded on three sides by cemetaries. I'm not really a cemetary kind of guy, but to my mind Catalina should be 26 miles across the sea, St. Augustine should have a big Spanish colonial fort, and Colma should have places of final repose.

I finished Mrs. Oliphant's "Perpetual Curate" today. It was a good read, although her asperity can wear after a bit. Her narrative tone reminds me vaguely of Maugham, although the comparison is inapt in a number of ways. I'm still trudging through the Sarah Orne Jewett book, but it's a set of quiet pleasures best taken a little at a time.

The airport and the flights were not at all crowded tonight; the cyclical nature of travel always makes for a January drop-off. The BBC on the local public radio station was full of coverage of the European opposition to the US position on the Iraq situation.
Because I believe that any action, if any, should be UN action, I am disappointed to see our government take such a "cowboy" approach to this issue. However, I also find myself out of sympathy of those who are willing to overlook the Iraqi regime's misconduct altogether in order to avoid confrontation. I think we will have to confront the Iraq situation, but I hope we can do it without war.

I've got a sore throat, which threatens to break my unbroken 2002 string, in which I was basically barely sick at all. I'll rest a lot this weekend, to try to ward it off. First step? Stop doing my post-flight wind-down and get some sleep.

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