Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

New Hotel, Same Jazz

Saturday I attended a new WW meeting in McKinney in a Sheraton. I had not been to that Sheraton. Its location in a somewhat freeway-adjacent spot near Collin College led me to low expectations for the facility. But it turned out to be a nice hotel. I was down two pounds. The meeting was well-attended, though less socially distanced than I prefer. Mask use was fairly strong but not universal.

After the meeting I drove to Princeton and walked the trails at J.M. Caldwell Park. Then I went to East Fork Park on Lavon Lake. East Fork Park has a lot of little-used concrete picnic tables under shelters and a camping area on the lake. It rarely gets much traffic after the Summer is over.
I walked around the park while listening to the Arkansas versus Georgia football game on headphones on a radio application. The game turned out poorly for Arkansas, though perhaps thankfully so poorly that one was able to avoid "what if" thinking. I saw a Belted Kingfisher, a Double-Crested Cormorant, a Snowy Egret, some Great Blue Herons and several other bird species.

Saturday afternoon I did some work. On the way home, I walked in Bob Woodruff Park. I saw a Differential Grasshopper that I mis-identified via

In the evening my wife brought home a kind of tandoori wrap from a local place that was very good.

Today I am up early to go to the dentist's office. I must also remember to get my car inspected, as I let the time for inspection sneak up and early past me.

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