Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

South San Gabriel

Early this morning I finished the novel I have been reading, R.M.. Ballantyne's "My Doggie and I,", a 19th Century novel written for sub-adult readers, which featured all the heart-warming coincidences and curious homilies one could wish to read. The 3 reading sessions I essayed this weekend tripled the number of pages I read earlier this Summer in 6 sessions.

We got a late morning start and drove to Garey Park just outside of Georgetown. This park featured a hiking trail past a portion of the South San Gabriel River. On "our side" of the river, things looked natural. On the "other side" of the river, luxury homes tastefully stared out at the river. We liked the park. On the way back into town, we stopped at a gyros sandwich place with a name something along the line of Gyros.  We ate very tasty chicken gyros. After lunch, we drove to San Gabriel Park in Georgetown. We did a three-mile walk on the San Gabriel Trail, which ran beside a more managed section of the river. I counted 9 bird species and a spiny lizard that I believe to be a Texas Spiny Lizard.

When in doubt, go to the the library. We drove to the Georgetown Public LIbrary to see some exhibits of local art. The sculptors impressed us the most, though the Pastel Association's art was very good as well. One piece took a different interpretation of Gwahir, the leader of the eagles in the Lord of the Rings than I would have imagined.  I love public libraries, in all their air-conditioned, art-displaying glory.

We spent the afternoon floating in a pool that came with our rental, which was very nice.  I went to Smokey Mo BBQ and picked us up sandwiches and BBQ beans. I walked in the neighborhood. We dined on our sandwiches, and watched 'Gulliver's Travels' and "Tintin." We had a good trip. I am ready for our drive home.

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