Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Eyes and Cold Broccoli

Saturday early evening my wife and I went to the EyeMasters near our home. I was impressed with the steps they took to reduce the potential for contact virus spread.

Saturday afternoon I also went to vote in the Allen City Council run-off election. To my surprise, many people were in line there. We got processed in and out in 20 minutes. I am concerned that my favored candidates may not have won.

Saturday night we went to the Laotian/Thai restaurant in our town. My wife detested her meal, which lacked flavor. My own meal was a bit better, though I suspected it was imperfectly heated on the broccoli rather than an aesthetic choice to serve it unheated. We may not go back to that restaurant, which is too bad, because there was no crowding there.

This weekend I watched qualifying rounds of the 2021 Womens' Speed Chess Championship. The frenzy of very strong players playing at 3 minutes plus 1 second/move time controls was quite entertaining.

Saturday I walked in Story Park in Allen and in Green Park in Allen. Sunday I walked on the Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt to Ford Park and in Glendover Park.

I worked today on some work projects. I want to get a bit more done tonight or tomorrow before I drive to the office.

I attended WW this morning.  Since I began attending in person again, the attendance has been roughly 15/week. This is about half of the pre-pandemic attendance.

I drove in a heavy rain last night to pick up dinner. My car seems a bit worse for the wear. Though it runs and drives, there is a noise. I thought at first it was something scraping, but now I wonder if some water got somewhere unwanted Let's see what tomorrow brings, or see if I need to take it to the shop,

Today the US Chess Federation rated the on-line chess tournament I won on May 24th. I gained one rating point, to go from 1324 to 1325, I have estimated that I would lose 10 points or so.  I have two other tournaments, both played on May 31, which await rating. I won one outright with 5 wins and 2 draws but not losses. That one will increase my rating. I won 2 and lost 3 in the other tournament. That one will cost me rating points. I should still be somewhere between 1290 and 1350. I find that my approximation methods fail to accurately guess the results of the algorithm that calculates such things. I used to be better at such approximations. 

In the old days, it took months to get one's rating changes. One looked at the mailing label on one's Chess Life to see what one's rating had become, until it became "official."  It could take months for the rating to be updated. Now I am watching carefully for a rating result less than a week after the tournaments were played, It's a very modern world.

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